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Our products have been specially formulated for the leading physicians in nutritional and alternative health care. The company compiles valuable research, and offers personalized services such as private labeling, and marketing support.

Private Labeling

Perfect Solutions

Legere Pharmaceuticals offers a private label that can include your name, practice, logo, address, and phone number

Featured Products

Anti Aging

Turn back the clock with these therapeutic formulas proven to suppress many of the symptoms of aging.

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Weight Management

Specific nutrients to enhance fat-burning mechanisms, limit the uptake of fats & carbohydrates, and repair metabolic function.

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Bone & Joint

Natural ingredients which have been found to play a significant role in supporting healthy bones & joint functions. 

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Our Promise

We strive to provide the highest quality pharmaceutical grade products. Our continuing research and development allow us to manufacture all natural and safe formulations, therapeutically dosed for optimum results. The Legere team promises to support our customers with continued education on our Alternative and Preventative health care products.

Welcome to Legere Pharmaceuticals

Legere Pharmaceuticals has been a pioneer in preventive, holistic and alternative medicine for over 45 years. We formulate, market and provide a line of therapeutic dietary supplements, creams, capsules, tablets, liquids and injectables to meet the healthcare needs of your patients. Our nutritional research focuses on the complex relationship that exists among ingredients, blending them from the finest raw materials available. Tested for potency and therapeutic application, our products deliver results. We offer private labeling and patient educational brochures and handouts to assist in the doctor/patient confidence and to help with patient compliance and retention.

In addition to our nutraceutical line of products, we also offer pharmaceutical compounding services. Compounding has experienced a renaissance in the past several years and has allowed a triad relationship of patient, prescriber, and pharmacist. The art of compounding provides the opportunity for the physician to tailor unique formulations to fit the individual patient needs. Please ask your personal account representative about any specialty and/or original formulas you may be interested in. Our pharmaceutical compounding services include vitamins and lipotropic injectables.

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Our Products

The Legere Edge

Legere Pharmaceuticals offers custom formulation for those practices interested in dispensing their own unique formulas. Our product development and formulating staff, along with your nutritional sales representative, will assist you in the creation of your custom formula. Our team will help determine your exact nutrient and dosage requirements. We will advise you of nutritional considerations and make suggestions based on synergistic ingredient conformity. Your exclusive formula will be packaged and labeled according to your instructions. Minimum order requirements apply.

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