Private Labels Made Easy

For over 45 years Legere Pharmaceuticals has been a pioneer in preventive, holistic, and alternate medicine.  Private labeled products from Legere can add a significant new revenue stream to your clinic or practice as well as build patient loyalty. CONTACT US to learn how to get started! 

Low Minimums & No Set Up Fee

Legere Pharmaceuticals offers a private label that can include your name, practice, logo, address, and phone number for no additional cost! You may choose from one of our standard designs or create your own (a setup fee may apply for custom graphics). Order as few as 24 bottles.

Quick Turnaround

Private labeling can be an advantage to your practice. Private labeled supplements promote doctor/patient confidence and return visits. Call our customer service line for more information on how to start building your brand today.

In-House Printing and Design

Legere Pharmaceuticals’ products are packaged with tampered-resistance seals that adhere to the FDA labeling requirements. Our facilities operate under CGMP standards and strict supervision to guarantee the highest quality of service and products. 

Get Started With Private Labeling Today!